Seasons are changing fast and you need to know how to prep your air conditioner for the summer! The last thing you want is to be out of cold air from your AC unit when the sun is blistering. Here are 5 tips that can help you make sure your air conditioner withstands the heat of the summer! 


Ways To Prep Your Air Conditioner For The Summer


Prep Your Air Conditioner For The Summer- Check your filter!

#1: Check your air filter

This is a maintenance tip that you should be incorporating at any time of the year. To keep your air conditioner unit in tip-top shape, make sure you are checking/changing out your air filter every other month.  Doing this will ensure the longevity of your equipment and keep your air clean and cool. This is an easy step that can incorporate whether you have a ductless air conditioner or a traditional one and trust us when we say, it will save you money in the long run! 



5 Way To Prep Your AC For The Summer : Cleaning indoor unit

#2: Clean The Indoor Unit

When you are finished checking or replacing your filter, the next step you can take to prep your air conditioner for the summer is to clean the indoor unit. By whipping off all the dust and gunk left on it from last year, you are ensuring that nothing is blocking your airflow or adding contaminants to the air in your home.


 Prep Your Air Conditioner For The Summer- clean off debris

#3: Keep the junk off your trunk 

Nothing is worse than having an unfamiliar species growing on the inside of your AC unit. To prevent this from happening, clean all of the outside debris off of your AC unit before kicking it into high gear this year.  This will ensure that nothing is interfering with the functionality of your AC unit or allowing your family to breathe clean air all year long. 




Prep Your Air Conditioner For The Summer- have a level ground

#4: Maintain a sturdy, level foundation

Just like you can’t build a house on a crumbling foundation, an AC unit cannot run smoothly on one either. Make sure the concrete slab used to hold your air conditioning unit is in good shape and is level. An unlevel ground forces your unit to work harder and will shorten its life span. In the long run, this will cost you more time and money than you may realize.



Prep Your Air Conditioner For The Summer- update your tech!

#5: Make sure your tech is up to date

One of the biggest malfunctions between an air conditioner and the house it operates in is the lack of communication between technologies. Older systems have a harder time navigating the different environmental factors that play a role in the functionality of an AC. This could mean you will need an upgrade this summer.

It might seem like a hefty investment but allows you to ensure that it is worth the investment. It will be worth being able to operate your AC unit with the newest technology to ensure your home is nice and cool this summer. Trane offers a variety of in-home systems for you to browse through!


Prep Your Air Conditioner For The Summer- air conditioner maintenance

#6: Call a professional 

Last, but definitely not least, an important tip we have for you today when you begin to prep your air conditioner for the summer is to leave it to the professionals. AC maintenance can be challenging if you are not knowledgeable in the area, and expensive if you break the equipment trying. To avoid the risk of breaking your equipment, call a professional to do the maintenance work for you!  

HVAC experts, like the ones we have here at Johnson’s, are built and trained to take care of your units so that you don’t have to stress about them!


End Note:

Needless to say, take appropriate measures when you begin to prep your air conditioner for the summer, and don’t get stuck in the heat! Allow us to help! Book your service visit at 

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