Having a great air conditioner is not the only way to cool down your house this summer. Even though the air conditioner units do the majority of the work, relying on your AC to keep your home 100% cool this summer is not always the smartest idea. Being fully reliant on the unit will put pressure and strain on it resulting in a shortened lifespan and diminishing its functionality. To avoid extra maintenance costs this season, here are a few ways to cool your house down and not exhaust your AC unit. 

Ways to Cool Down Your House:

 Ways To Cool Down Your House : closing the blinds

01. Close the blinds/shades during the day

Most of us aren’t home during the day anyway, so this may be an easy step for you. Keeping your blinds and shades closed during the day will block out the hot sun and prevent your air conditioning unit from having to work so hard. You would be surprised about how well blackout curtains and blinds keep out the heat of the day!



 Ways To Cool Down Your House : using fans 02. Let the cool night air in

Another way to cool down your house this summer is by letting the cool night air in. As surprising as it may sound, many professionals suggest opening a window at night to let the cool air in and then closing it in the morning once it gets hot. This will help with ventilation within the house. 



 Ways To Cool Down Your House: weatherstripping

03. Weatherstripping

There is nothing worse than letting your expensive cold air float out your front door.  To prevent this from happening, professionals suggest weatherstripping doors and windows that lead outside to keep the cool air in and the hot air out. This method is also very popular during the winter to have the opposite effect of keeping the warm air in and the cold air out. Either way, weatherstripping is a great way to prevent throwing money down the drain!



 Ways To Cool Down Your House: not using heating appliances

04. Avoid heating appliances

The experts suggest avoiding using any heating device until after 8 pm or when the sun goes down. Using your oven, stove, curling iron, etc., can make your house up to 10 degrees hotter!



 Ways To Cool Down Your House: using a dehumidifier

05. Use a dehumidifier

The last way to cool your house down is to keep your dehumidifier going! Humidity will make your home feel ten times hotter than it actually is and cause internal damage to the walls of your house. By using a dehumidifier you are sucking out all of the moisture in your home and protecting more than just your sanity! 




Closing Note

Yes, having a fantastic AC unit, like the ones you find at Johnson’s HVAC, is crucial to cool down your house this summer, but there are also steps that you can incorporate into your daily routine!

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