Are you looking to save money on heating costs this season? Your home’s heating system uses more energy than any other system in your house. According to the U.S Department of Energy, heating makes up around 29% of your utility costs. 

Being that costly, it’s understandable that homeowners are constantly looking for ways to cut their energy costs and save money. Look no further! Here are a few tips on how you can save money on heating costs this winter. 


How To Save Money On Heating Costs?

Reduce Airflow By Weatherstripping

Save Money On Heating Costs By Weather StrippingWeatherstripping is a relatively simple and low-cost method to help you save money on heating costs. The idea behind this method is to reduce air leaks from different sources in the house, such as doors and windows. By sealing these gaps, you’re preventing chilly airflow from entering your home. 

Now, there are many different types of weatherstripping, depending on the building components. For example, for moveable parts such as doors and windows, you want to choose one that can stay attached but still allow doors or windows to open freely. 

Tension seals, felt, tapes, and door sweeps are some weatherstripping types suitable for movable components. For leaks such as cracks and gaps, caulk is the ideal option.

It’s also important to consider your home’s ventilation needs when assessing your house for these gaps. Some airflow in the house is crucial in maintaining good indoor air quality (IAQ). 


Welcome the Sun In By Opening Those Drapes 

Save Money On Heating Costs - Open CurtainsSometimes the solution to our problems can be found around us, and this holds true for heating our homes. Use the power of the sun to our advantage. 

When it’s nice and sunny, let the sunlight in by opening your drapes. Besides warming the house, natural light brings other benefits, such as improving mood, promoting better sleep, and of course, lowering electricity bills!  


Make Sure Your Heating System Filters Are Clean

Save Money On Heating Costs - Check FiltersA clean filter is one of the most significant factors in keeping your heating system efficient. 

When your air filters are dirty, the airflow will be blocked, which will cause the machine to work harder. The harder it needs to work, the more energy it’ll use. If this continues to be the case, you’ll see your energy bills spike up in no time. 

Furthermore, a clean air filter can contribute to the longevity of your system and bring many benefits, like improving indoor air quality and your health. Therefore, you want to clean or change your HVAC filters regularly (at least every three months). 


Double Check Insulation Throughout Your Home

Save Money On Heating Costs - Installation

A poorly insulated home isn’t just uncomfortable (because you’ll feel too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer) but will also cause you to spend more on your energy bills. Just think about it, if your home doesn’t have effective insulation, you’ll need to heat it more because it doesn’t get warm as quickly. Therefore, ensure you have good insulation in place before winter arrives. 



Fact Check: To Close or Not To Close Unused Vents?

Save Money On Heating Costs - Close VentsThere is a popular belief that closing vents help save energy because you restrict the airflow in the house. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Closing the vents will just force the system to push the airflow to other places in the house, and you won’t see your utility cost decrease. 

Furthermore, closing the vents isn’t a good idea because you’ll be putting more pressure on the system, which can potentially cause damage to your HVAC system. And you know what that means: spending more money on these repairs.

What’s The Best Temperature To Save Money On Heating?

How To Save Money On Heating Costs?- Best Temperature SettingYou may be wondering, what is the best temperature to save money on heating? Especially in a place like Pittsburgh where it can get extremely cold in the winter.

The absolute best way to save money on your heating bill this winter is to set your thermostat to around 68°F to 70°F. It is beneficial to lower the temperature when you are sleeping or you are not in your home.


End Note:

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