Having the Most Cost-Effective Heating System

As fall rolls around the corner and you are prepping your heating appliance for the colder season, you may be wondering “How do I know if I have the most cost-effective heating systems?” 

We all know that heating is expensive during the wintertime. According to the Department of Energy, Heating your home uses more energy and costs more money than any other system in your home — typically making up about 29% of your utility bill.” This is why it is so important to understand which heating system is most cost-effective for your home during the colder months. 

Keep reading to learn more about which heating may be most cost-effective for your home.

What Makes A Heating System Efficient?

It may be important to understand what it means to have an efficient heating system. In general, it is crucial to look into the system’s annual fuel utilization efficiency rating, or AFUE for short. It lets you know how much energy, in the form of electrical or natural gas, is transforming into usable heat. The DOE, Department Of Energy, requires a minimum of 80% rating, but many heat systems exceed this rating.

The AFUE rating is not the only factor to look for. Another way to tell what makes a cost-effective heating system is the climate you are in. Believe it or not, the weather conditions in your area directly affect the efficiency of your heating system. If you live in a warmer environment, heat pumps are more efficient, while a furnace is more efficient in colder environments.

Knowing what energy source is most compatible with your home is also crucial. Some homes are set up for electric heating systems, while others are set up for natural gas. You would need to talk to your HVAC professional to see if you can convert energy if that is something you want to do.

Now that you know some factors to look for, you may want to understand the types of heating systems that are offered.

Type Of Heating Systems:


What is the Most Cost-Effective Heating System For Your Home? A furnace

You may have found your fit if you have a home that runs on natural gas. Furnaces are typically the best choice for heating homes that run on natural gas.

Furnaces typically have high-efficiency ratings and are relatively affordable. They are also built to last, and furnaces are dependable all year round.

Although furnaces may be one of the most cost-effective heating systems for you, they do come with a downside. The only downside about furnaces is that as technology advances and the DOE pushes for cleaner forms of heating, furnaces may not be the best option for a long-term heating system.

Heat Pump

An infographic on how a heat pump working in the winter and the summer.

Do you love a 2-for-1 deal? Then, you may have found the perfect HVAC system for your home.

Heat pumps act as both a heating system and an air conditioning unit. This multi-use unit is known for its air filtration and for making less noise than a furnace.

Although heat pumps can be one of the most cost-effective heating systems, a big discrepancy between furnaces and heat pumps is that heat pumps use less gas and more electrical resources to power them. 


Our last product on the list of most cost-effective heating systems is boilers. Boilers are an “old-school” way of heating your home.

As the name suggests, boilers heat a large tank of water through oil, gas, or electricity to produce heat. This heat is then distributed among your home to radiators to heat up your home.

This method is known to be more effective than a furnace but pricey to maintain throughout its lifespan. 

A black and red Crown Boiler.


Ending Note: 

All in all, the cost-effectiveness of a heating system is truly dependent on your home’s needs and the homeowner’s personal preference. Not to mention, your heating systems will last much longer with annual maintenance. Whether you need a furnace, heating pump, or boiler installed or repaired Johnson’s HVAC has you covered. 

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